i tried to commit suicide 3 weeks ago, i took pills and drank alchol, i was so unhappy just needed to get out. My partner had been sleeping with his best friends wife and i threw him out just after Christmas, her husband had nowhere to live so i put him up at mine, too cut a long story short i fell for him cause i was needy and in a bad place, but he just made things worse, he played games with my mind and had sex with me and told me i had forced him to do it.
i eventually threw him out although i did care, i just got so depressed and couldn't't take anymore, my partner was still with his wife and i thought i had been made a fool out of twice so i went into the forest and took an overdose of sleeping tablets, i phone my friend and he eventually found me, but now i left here and i feel like i am waiting for something and can't seem to settle it's hard.

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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

Hey, you're not alone. I see you posted this in July. Think better of yourself. You know what's the truth. He's lying, the other's a chest. You aren't any of those things. Find who you are. Read a book, workout----find yourself, let those others float away.