Life May Seem Worthless But You Mean Something To At Least 1 Person.

Lets see where to start... To start my parents tell me everyday how much they hate me, wish I was dead somewhere in a ditch, or tell me that I'm worthless all the time. At school I'm picked on called Gay and other things, having people tell me to go home cry and cut myself, do everyone the favor. One day I did come home from school after track practice dealing with kids even at practice say nasty stuff like, "Hey gay boy why are you allowed in the locker room." before track and during telling me how much I suck at playing.

Well one day I snapped...
I skipped track came home one day no one was home at the time, went to my room and sat there thinking about how much I hate my life and how much I wish I was dead. Then it came to me if I died there wouldn't be anymore pain, no more suffering during school hours or after track.

So I found my old hunting Knife... I Made 4 deep cuts on both my wrists. I had blood everywhere. I laid there pasted out... Lucky for me, my ex girlfriend needed to pick up here math book from the night before. She thought it was weird no1 was home but all the doors were open. She found me laying on my bed dying. She called 9-11 and saved me. The kids that used to make fun of me at school all wrote me cards, all saying get better dude, I'm sorry bro I didn't really mean it, Bro why did you do this? Tons of cards.

When I was brought back to home, my parents still didn't care. This is when I tried to hang myself not even 15minutes after I was home. They had no clue was was going on till someone brought me another card, my grandpa, walked in and found me hanging. I was said to be dead for 25 minutes. But finally I was brought back, I woke up to seeing a blank wall, my parents still no where to be found. I looked over to my left... there was the only person I ever trust with me life. Kayla was a farm girl who ive been friends with since middle school.she was crying. She told me she'd be here for 2 days straight waiting for me to wake up. She walked over to me and gave me a kiss and told me she loved me and never wanted me to leave.

Now I'm going through rehab and having treatment done. But Kayla's still by my side.
islappyy islappyy
18-21, M
May 5, 2012