I Almost Died

I am almost 30 years old now, but a year and a half ago I almost died. I was going through some major depression and the guy I was with made me feel really bad about myself. He made me believe I didn't have a reason to live and so that is how I ended up thinking. I ended believing that b****ard. I have 4 children and I hurt them really bad by doing what I did. I was taking psych meds at the time so I grabbed both bottles of a 30 day supply, a butcher knife, and my car keys. I took off into the woods with my car and all that stuff and took all my meds and took the knife to my leg. I locked myself in my car and ended surrounded by the police (which I still to this day have no idea how they found me, but I thank GOD everyday that they did). They ended up busting the window in my car and pulling me out and put me in the ambulance. I was then sent to the hospital to have my stomach pumped(which I don't remember) and was committed. I also have a few days of my life that are gone and I will never get back. I can not remember those days because I was so far gone. I was so close to death that if it would have been another 5 minutes I would not be here today to tell you my story.

I would like to let everyone know, now that I have done what I did, I have learned a very good lesson and that is there is NO-ONE or NOTHING in this world to kill yourself over. I havae now joined a church and just recently was baptized. I also now have a man who accepts me for me. I am very happy now and so to let you know there is plenty of support out there if you just ask for HELP when you need it.

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I'm glad you're here to share your story. Thank you.

thank you for sharing...I know it takes a lot of courage to admit you've tried to kill yourself. There are so many negative stigmas attached. You have been blessed with a second chance at living with a whole new perspective on life. I have also felt that I came very close to dying, and I'm thankful every single day that I am alive and healthy. Life is truly a gift and our pain only makes our pleasure that much sweeter :) xo

I am so happy things worked out in the end for you and i hope they keep on going the way they are just think if things ever get bad for you your kids need you and my kids lost there dad its the hardest thing to watch them go threw its been 4 years but they still hurt so bad and miss him like crazy we lost him to cancer but for whatever reason when kids lose someone it hurts them for the rest of there life stay strong and i am so happy your kids have there mom back and it sounds like your doing great so keep it up and i will pray that things keep going good for you and your family

That is one of the things. Some people don't know when to shut there mouths and some of us don't know when to stop listening. Thank you so much for sharing. I pray that others will see that there is a hope and that they don't have to end it all