I think I will try to dronen Jenny for the last time. The world isn't ready for her. If this doesn't work o well.
Jennyv Jennyv
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Yes we do.

We girls have to stick together

Thank you for the kind words subpaulagirl.<br />
I am still around, and I am doing better for now. I think I will be around for awhile. <br />
Thanks to all my friend's.

Hmmm...I wonder that of myself sometimes.....but i'm still around !!!

So am I. I cant speak for anyone else but I was unable to drown Paula. Not for the want for trying I can tell you but she is one strong chick just like Jenny !!! <br />
<br />
As for how if the world is ready for Jenny, well I dont know, Maybe another question to ask is does the world need Jenny ? I will bet it does

so glad you didn't drown her jenny...x :)