Nice To Know That I Am Not The Only One

When I say the title is was like OMG That was me, like exactly me. There is a very direct relationship between my drinking and tranisition. When I was in complete denial to both myself and every one else I was drinking very heavily however now that I have started transition my drinking has become less and less. You know the funny thing is that even in my denial days, Paula still won,

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3 Responses Aug 7, 2010

The woman within always wins eventually. When you try to drown her, she always comes back to the top. When she does she is stronger than before.

Nothing strange about that; we are in conflict with ourselves until we accept what we are which in our case is female

know how you feel I was moody and snapy and it wasn't till I started wearing girlie clothes I felt and became calmer.strange as it may seem.