How Can I Get Her To Do It

I am still trying to get my wife to **** other men, would love to hear other peoples stories on how they started to share their partner, any help would be good
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

ill **** ur wife for u

Ours was a mutual interest in trying out other people. We love flirting with people and going out and having a good time, so we choose to indulge ourselves once in a while. We do it because it's fun and it started out as a kind of game, I guess it still is in a way. But we don't subscribe to the true-to-it-all swinger lifestyle, it's more of a side game for us on our off hours if we feel like it. It slightly spices up the sex but not really that much. If I were to say anything to your aid it would be that you should go out together to clubs or bars or if that's not your thing at least try to get out and meet new people or take people you've met recently out to dinners as a sort of way to have fun conversation and see how the wife bites. I don't think it really ever works if the wife isn't into it at all from the get go. Good luck to you, mate. I believe it's the most fun when it is completely built on full mutual interest in ******* other people; like wine, it's good in portions and with good flavor. Though I can't speak for those that indulge often, I don't want to call them abusers of the act lol

I thank you for your help and I will try going out more and see if we can meet new people, with some drink in her she dose like to talk to other people