People Who Don't Deserve Me Vol.1

When I was still with my Ex, we moved in with his Mother.. this included me changing jobs and moving to a completely different part of the state.  I did it because I thought of her as Family and thought she felt the same.   Well here's how things went down.. 

I got a job.. paid quite well and was making the entire house payment for her, as well as paying most of the other bills ANd buying most of the food for the house.  My ex helped by paying our cell phone and my car insurance.  Everything else was coming out of my pocket, leaving me with VERY little money.. like NONE to do anything fun with.  I didn't even have money to get a damn burger really,  a big treat for me was being able to buy lunch at work on my payday.   I didn't feel so bad about it though because I knew I was helping her out. 

Her health began to decline and she had to have emergency surgery to have a colostomy put in...   I helped take care of her, even changing the bags and cleaning her up if there were any issues..  I ended up having to take so much time off that I lost my job.  by this time her Social security had kicked in and we were doing ok for money, but when I lost my job needless to say it created a major strain on finances and she lost the house (this was actually because her husband, who had left her and moved to AZ didn't pay the lawyers for something and because of that they said she had to pay the remaining balance immediately or they would foreclose)  So we moved into a tiny travel trailer (16 ft.) with 3 people and an obese dachsund.  Needless to say things were cramped but it was affordable even without me working at the time. 

Problem was that when I lost my job it was April of 2008 and the economy was NOT leaving jobs open in the area by the time she was better enough for me to get back to work,  We moved back to my hometown area and got a cheap but nice 2 bedroom apartment which I found for us and we settled in...   Shortly after we made a "Home"  she kicked me out because I wasn't working and I "Didn't do anything to help out" around the house...

This said as I was Driving her to all her appointments, doing all the grocery shopping, cooking all the meals, taking care of any business that needed to be done including scheduling her appointments for her.  I was a cook, a personal assistant, a nurse, and always there for her if she needed to talk.. not to mention I even stood up for her against my Ex if he was being rude to her..  and for this her repayment was kicking me out..  If it weren't for my friends I would have been homeless, and she had no problems doing this to someone who gave up their home for her..   

A big part of me at that point wanted to become one of those people who vow to never do anything nice again and live by the credo "No good deed goes unpunished"    But I still love to help people... I'm just a bit more careful about who I help.
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it sounds like she is suffering a form of dementia, like alzheimer's. people get mean and start blaming people for their own lapses of logic and reason. it's a terrible disease, and worth having her checked out. if she needs specialized medicines, medicare with pay for it (to a point), keeping in mind that she will never be the same, but can at least calm down. it happened to many older folks in my purview, and it's heartbreaking. but much of it, they cannot help. it's so much sadder getting old than i ever thought. you're a good person, and i hope your husband (what's he doing, by the way??) misses you. best of luck to you!

Thanks Jax... it kinda felt good to really tell the whole story about that.. some EP friends got to hear little bits and pieces... I think it really does make it easier to move on and also to enjoy the good things that I have in my life right now.

Thats extremely mean. Ive never heard something so mean in my life. I am glad your life is going well at the moment you deserve it for all the hard work you have done. ;)

I am now with a new Love in my life who is amazing and would never LET me be treated this way, and staying with amazing friends who we all consider ourselves family.. who actually treat me like family.. I do things to "Earn my keep" and they yell at me to take a break instead of saying I do nothing.. I want to be back in my own place, but this is nice for now :)