I Actually Have Tried. ...

I actually have tried. But I guess I had a guardian angel looking out for me. I'm thankful for that because I would have regreted it so much. I want to live a great life!
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6 Responses Apr 11, 2007

thing that stoped me trying again was a friend saying its not your time so why try take someone elses

Everything will be alright. Would like to meet God. Just Say out loud Jesus I believe and I receive you in my heart please heal me.

i wish i had succeed but its obvious its not my time now ive to live this rotten life

That made me feel kinda good.: )

Sometimes when you feel like things are crashing down, All you want to do is kill yourself. But when there's something great in your life, and it keeps getting better... you say "I'm glad I didn't do anything" :] I'm glad your still here.

You are a percious and unique person. Your life is the most important life that you know of. Now that you are thankful to be alive, you know how capible you are-- you can do and achieve anything you want to in life if you work hard enough at it! Carpe Diem!! :-)