I Jumped Out Of A Car!

Hello my name is Lindsay I am 23, married with two beautiful little boys. when I was 14 I was taken advantage of by a 24 year old male and his girlfriend.My husband started heroin and he started to cheat on me and over the years it has made me depressed and soon I started to become unfaithful myself..due to my tendancies i became disgusted with myself. My family assumed I was on drugs,,no one cared to ask about the emotional trauma and abuse i was going through..Ive never really fit in. Ive always been a wallflower (not by choice) ive tried to fit in but it always seemed i was on my own. My own family would not stick up for me or anything.i went out to celebrate my upcoming graduation from Medical Assisting and I dont know how and I dont know why, but I had reached my breaking point and in seconds I had the door open and I jumped out..it all happened so quickly that I didnt realize I had jumped out until I arrived at the hospital. I was rushed into emergency surgery where the took my shoulder and placed it on my foot now all i have to show is my strength and scars that remind me everyday what i went through and what i have overcome. I was away from my children..and in that instant I felt like a horrible mother that I was infact taking away from them. I love my kids and i have kept them in my mind from that moment on and i dont regret what i did because now i am stronger for it.. and their mother will be a stronger mother for it too. There is always a better option. But for people like me ( i didnt even know what was happening) i just lost it and was not in control of anything..get help. its not worth it. I survived
lshearer62 lshearer62
22-25, F
Nov 26, 2012