Well, I Was Just....tired

Well, when dad, and about 6 close members of my family died;

 my mom was doing this stupid experimental treatment: a modified type of interferon and she kept having depressions, i had to hide the knives in the house, 'cause she would've used them....;

a car ran over me and i couldn't help my mom get over the 8 months of treatment....

i was dramatizing life and didn't understand my purpose, (still dramatizing, still don't understand)

in the end, i was just tired of...al the "life"...it was overwhelming, damn it! even being happy was making me tired, i just wanted to sleep once and for all!.........and then, i felt in love ....with a peron of the same gender ....and became her best friend, and wasn't able to tell her how i felt(still ain't able), 'cause she just has this great life...that i would disturb with my feelings.

Anonim Anonim
18-21, F
May 20, 2007