Blades and the Magic of Paracetomol

I was stuffed around my entire life. I found that cutting my wrists, deep and direct on the vain would help. Watching the blood coming out hoping i would die but i didn't. So i took it further. I swallowed 20 panadols. I held it in for many hours until i started vomiting and my mum figured out what i had done. I was rushed to hospital. And stuck in the child mental health ward with a young girl who had beenhacking into her arms severly. I was watched 24 hours a day so i could never discuss anything with her.

I went home and i still think about the panadol every day, if i take 30 and lay still and not tell anyone. Maybe i could accomplish it.

And PLEASE don't tell me there is life after death.

BiPolarBear BiPolarBear
18-21, F
2 Responses Jun 4, 2007

I have found no convincing reason to believe in life after death. But what is there to be gained by ending your life? And we all need what you have to contribute.

maybe, maybe not.... but there is life BEFORE death..x