Although I've Attempted Su...

Although i've attempted suicide quite a few times, probably less than 5 were actual genuine attempts-which may make you wonder why i'm still here, because i certainly do.
trixabell trixabell
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3 Responses Jun 19, 2007

Living is easy; suicide is hard.

Yeah, suicide is not the nature's way; not often you see an animal kill itself? Naw, but it hurts me just reading that you've attempted to kill yourself. Your life cannot be easy, but I'm sure there is something in this world living for? Maybe you have yet to find your greatest love; best friends or whatever that makes life worth it! Please stay optimistic; I know one day you will look back at your life, being even incredulous of the notion of attempted suicide. Good luck :D

I can relate with non-genuine attempts. I tried once ingenuinly and twice "for real" I think that for some people we are just meant to be here. It isn't meant to work. My last attempt I ran my car into a tree, with no seatbelt. I should have flown through the windshield. I should be dead or at least paralyzed. for some people there is just a higher purpose.