Stopped By a Friend...

...whom I had stopped from doing the same earlier 2 years earlier.  This was in high school.  I "saved" this friend from killing himself when he was a freshman (I was a sophomore) and we became best friends.  Rather quickly, the cliched "I want to be more than friends but I don't want to ruin our relationship" feelings came over me.  So I suffered a lot, watching him be with his brat of a girlfriend who was constantly using me as her slave to do things for him.  His junior year, they broke up and he started dating one of our mutual friends, and I started re-dating a boyfriend from my freshman year.  We broke up with our sig. others on the same day that summer, after a long conversation at Perkins about how we needed to find people who were really right for us and not just using us to have someone to date.  After we broke up with them, that night, we hung out until late and ended up kissing.  Just once.  After that, he started dating his bitchy gf from before, and I became really really depressed.  I started cutting myself and eventually tried to kill myself, but he intervened and helped me grow out of my depression.  After that, I realized how unnecessary my actions had been and began to become comfortable with myself as a single person, not needing an "other half."  The next year, I started dating my current boyfriend, fiance and we've been together since.  My friend ended up dating a couple other girls when he went away to college, losing his virginity to one, and then deciding that he is gay.  He went through a long, very self-destructive period and we lost touch.  Now he's settled down a lot, left college and got a job as a banker.  He started dating a really great guy late last year and now they've bought a condo together, so I think we're both in much healthier places.

Chanteuse1984 Chanteuse1984
26-30, F
Jun 20, 2007