Went to a Nuthouse

Okay so it wasn't really a nuthouse.  It was a rehab on one side and a mental hospital on the other but I was in the same "unit" as regular people who were just depressed, molesters, drug addicts, alcoholics, and manics.  It was an eye-opener.  I'll definitely never try it again, but on the off chance that I decide to take the easy way out again, I'll make sure I do it right because I DO NOT WANT TO GO BACK THERE.  I was only there for 2 days because I think they realized that I didn't belong.  Thing is, since I got out, I've been a lot more depressed.  My mom and I have this crazy relationship anyway but this whole thing put a whole new spin on it.  Not a good one either.  I feel like I'm in a downward spiral and I can't help but wish that either I hadn't done it at all or that I would've done it for good.
Esperanza Esperanza
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 25, 2007

oh hunnie. this is such a tough struggle every day. don't look at the negative aspects; this is what i'm trying to teach myself. it's hard and it sucks, horribly. but you seem to have a strong grasp on things now. you know you dont want to go back. maybe that will be the stepping stone for your recovery! good luck hun.