Can Any One Help Me

i just stated life and know i want to stop it... i never felt this way before...  i first got it in my mind to kill myself when i was 13 and my mom told me she was going to have another baby... i was mad... we did not have anoff money for us before the baby no we live pay check to pay check... i feel like i can not tell any one about my thoughs.... i feel crazy for wanting to kill myself.. does any one feel like that to??? i cut myself when i have a bad day it brings me to my own little world for a hour or two...  i need help.... i feel like very day is going to be better but it just does not... i want a way out and i think i am going to take it.... i feel so alone

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I tried to kill myself. I didn't die and I took myself to the hospital. They offered me help there. I have options of free psychiatrists, counsellors, nurses, groups, and such, all specific to what I need, and I found out that I could have just come in and said I was suicidal without having to hurt myself or anything and just gotten help.

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yeah,i want to kill myself too...

Blackcat's right. I've been having those thoughts since I was probably around the 13 too. My parents were both dating other people (oh yeah, while married), lying about it, getting a divorce, mom was crazy and hit me, my sister was angry so terrible! plus that age just sucks anyway, the whole adolescense thing. But there are going to be days like that, when it seems like it would just be easier, and it might, for YOU. onething that brought me back was my family and friends. oh and pets. GET A PET! something fairly easy to take care of but just think what would happen to goldie if you left! lol. life is not fair right? but that doesn't mean we have to let the bad things keep us down. Dust off and get back up. make goals, things you want to accomplish, start making something, do something you are passionate about. itll get better. and i have your back too!

I used to cut myself too,I felt that was the only way to get my 'demons' out.Hon you are so young, you will be eighteen soon and then the only person who can ruin your chances of a better life is dont.I know you can turn things around for yourself,if you believe in yourself. Write everything you hate about your life right now on a piece of paper and keep it in a safe place( dont let mom see this,she will not understand,I know cuz my mom came unglued).Decide what you do want in life and go for it, starting right now. today. Everytime you feel like quiting on yourself look at that list of hates and tell yourself you deserve better. Because you do. You might not get exactly what you want but you will get something better. The worst thing you can do is give up and turn your back on yourself,so dont or else who is gonna have your back?If you need encouragement let me know and I will be here for you. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for sweetie.