I Hate My Life. I Went Over the Edge.

when i was eight years old, i was very mature. i knew what life really was and i knew what love really was. and my parents didn't have it. they argued constantly. i wanted out. so i tied a thin cord to this thing on my ceiling, and of course using a chair, tied a noose. i looped it around my neck and in what i had thought would be my last moments thought only about death. i closed my eyes and kicked the chair's back and it fell. and for the first time in my life i experienced fear and shortness of breath all in one gigantic moment. being so small, i actually only tied a knot that caused me to lose consciousness just before i fell to my bedroom. it was late at night and my door was locked, so i woke up the next morning to find i had cut my head. i still want to die.
LydiaJoelle LydiaJoelle
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 16, 2007

i'm sorry. i hope everything works out *hugs*