Just Got Out of the Hospital

I tried to kill myself last weekend. Took 200 pills. My friends found me and called the police. I just got discharged from the hospital a few hours ago after being on a psych floor for 7 days. I have so many feelings and emotions right now. I am overwhelmed with no answers and still lonely in big NYC and not sure which decisions should be made. I kinda hoped I could ease back into life but people are yelling for answers. For decisions. I feel like I am suffocating already.

justmelindsey justmelindsey
22-25, F
1 Response Feb 9, 2009

ok thats alot of pills to take honey. you need to keep in touch with your psychiatrist on your feelings for your own safety. im so happy the police were called cause the last thing i want to hear is that someone has succeeded in which you would have if you did not get the help you needed. and for me im glad to hear that your still alive and if you ever need a listening ear im here. whatever you do do not ever attempt this ever again wishing you well XXX *hugs*