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ive done this a million times, and i cant force myself to go all the way with it, alot of things happened in my life so far that make me wanna blow up my brain...i dont go into detail on it because it hurts to much, i have no friends to talk to, I have a boyfriend, but i dont wanna stress him out over it...I cut but never major. Its not that i want to be dead, i just want someone to be like " Wow, shs hurting inside! maybe i should be there for her and help her" but no one is like that, i dont even know my dad, he left, my mom is stressed as much as me. Ive popped 24 advils, cut my wrist my neck, even taken the gun out of the case. sometimes just doing that will be enough, but people dont understand how it makes me feel better, only one other person knows i did stuff like this
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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

so if we / i sed ill listen coz i know u hurt but i dunno how , would u not b sceptic n say wat n how u feel n wat u think about n tell wat u dint liek bout ur past or present n wat u would luve for ur future ?<br />
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actually its unconditional .. pleez say wat ur feeling n thinking any wich ways relly ..<br />
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peeps do care hey .. like i may not fully understand ur situation but i might understand a bit atleast .. and do giv a dam- to listen ..