I Was 13

I couldn't deal with being picked on in school, being sexually abused, being myself. I took a bottle of Tylenol and went to bed. I woke up about 24 hours later feeling godawfully bad. I threw up a lot and was so dizzy and my stomach hurt so badly. My mom thought I had the flu.

I'm thankful every day that my half-assed suicide attempt didn't succeed. I'm grateful for that perspective. Not so grateful for the lasting damage to my stomach.
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I am 13 . I did the same thing a few days ago . but with expired ibuprofen pills . Should I still go to the doctor just in case the medicine cause permanent internal damage ? I don't really know . All my friends said they love me and made me promise not to never do it again . My mom and father watched the whole thing and didnt care , Didnt even bother to pick up a phone I was crying choking on the pills .. All because I had I told them I had sex at a boy's house . It's really hard . Advice ?!

Type your comment here...why did u let it get that far you should have told someone about it I'm sure they would have helped but aleast you surived

I went to both catholic and public schools throughout my child hood i suffer from GAD a sort of 24 hour anxiety attack, to be honest i can't tell you everything because i don't remember, I have tried to overdose taking over 30mg of xanax but somehow throwing it all up or drinking charcoal "saved me", i stabbed myself 5 times with a bowie knife and have plenty of scars, i have slit my wrists, i have even dropped a barbell on my neck, somehow i have survived, though i am not all that thrilled, i am 27 now and know that if i am going to succeed it will take a much more thorough approach however people are watching. I have had ect ten times, i forgot a lot, but new bad memories have emerged i spent over a month in a mental hospital, but even though my meds are in balance i don't see the point, and no religion or philosophy will change that. I am not stupid, i have studied a lot and read a lot, to be honest i don't know if that hurt or helped. The only things that stop me from ending it are eyes, and hurting my family, but the latter is fading and the former will not always be there.

I know that this is none of my business, but I'm just curious... Did you go to a public school or a private school (and, if so, was it a Christian or religious school)?

I'm very glad you woke up. Why throw your life away on what others think and do? I was also picked on and sexually abused and I know how tempting it is to end it all. Just remember that you have to be your best friend and only hang out with people who are supportive and loving to you. Kick the rest to the curb. The people who are picking on you only do so because they are insecure and have no life. I pity them their shallowness. You hang in there. We're here to talk to.

glad yu survived. some times people who attempt end up not achieving their goal and end up disabled, something to consider for sure

I am sorry to hear you have permant damage to your stomach and I am glad it failed the attempt that is. It sounds as if you are self-actualized now. Never accept what others say about you. Only accept what you know to be true.