He posted on his fb wall saying he felt like he didnt have no one in his corner or no one was on his side and I told him the only reason he doesn't have people in his corner is because he keeps shutting people out of his life. Plus his gf is controlling and doesn't want him to have a friendship with me because (we used to like each other in the past) and I am just trying to put our differences aside and be a friend. Then I went back on his fb and he had deleted the post that I had responded to. So I messaged him personally on fb and he never responded. Later on that day he texted me and I asked him why he didnt answer me on fb and he said he hardly gets on. But if you hardly get on and if we hardly speak how would you know to even text me? Long story short his gf sent me a friend request, which confused me because when were friends she was acting very childish and immature and she is to old (aka 21) to be acting like that. She thinks I want her man and I dont. Bye felicia.
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Give her another chance, for your friends sake.

She is jealous natured and I just think she wants to keep tabs on me.

Most likely.

But she won't find nothing cause it's nothing going on.

that's true but I think I am going to leave that situation where it is.

What and just not talk to either one?

basically....there is more behind this story but it is too long.

You don't, I got the gist of it and I can relate. I didn't what t do at the time cause when I tried to help I was told "it wasn't my problem" but when I tried to leave it alone they kept finding ways to involve me. Honestly the whole experience made me hate them both.

Yeah I agree..Hate is a strong word...that is one thing could never do.

Well it got that bad. We still stay in touch but it won't ever be like it was before.

It is usually never the same as it was which is sucks but that is life.

Yep, that's why I use that experience as a guide to avoid similar situations.

How is that working out for you?

Well if I ever get into that situation again I'll let you know.

Hopefully you wont : )

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