What's All This I Hear About Marxism?

(with appreciation for the genius of Gilda Radner)

This is a very old post I have saved ever since I wrote it

It is the end of a conversation I had with a pseudo Marxist

Re: division of labor

21 Nov 2001

> I saw the Marxist formulation above recently

> espoused by a highly regarded economist.

> Strange that these people don't understand

> something so basic to their craft 

> If you see any flaw in my reasoning,

> please point it out to me.


The true value in "Marx" is that he wrote a book!

Just a few online debates will point out that the

ideas that were presented by Karl Marx were flawed.

This is the problem that 'great thinkers/authors' run into...

Any design meeting would quickly point out these flaws...

But Authors don't throw design meetings, they write books...

Unfortunately for them, the masses get to decide...

And the grandest plans of mice and men...

come to naught...

Debating the actual value of Marx is a moot point...

But, if Marxism had any TRUE value,

it would be part of _the system_

as it is, I see it as a series of whines from a

"I could have been a contender" complainer

Great ideas are nice, but,

real solutions are the cure to the woes of humanity.......

Start a business, and then think about Karl Marx...

whine whine whine...

The fact is, 

some people are just plain stupid,

and some people realize that success comes from utilizing this fact.

The terminology referring to "extracting surplus labor from the

masses" is just a matter of smart people getting idiots to do

things for them...

As stupid people will,

-for the appropriate amount of praise...


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12 Responses Jan 27, 2010

Free Range Monkeys are the best!

Maybe it was just his publisher ;)

As I Have Always Liked To Say: Karl Marx Was A ****.

We're all just monkeys on a rock in space ;)

Thats funny: Those are terms used in my household a lot,<br />
Bad Monkeys<br />
Stupid Monkeys<br />
and<br />
Smart Monkeys<br />
My Grandson, at 4, has already uttered the phrase<br />
"I'm a _smart_ monkey!"<br />
and he is <br />
-I say, its genetic ;)

I think it's time someone came up with a new system.....it makes me laugh to think about it...both smart people and stupid people actually know deep down---how this system could work---it's just that as my daughter said, (I think she heard it in some movie) "Mom, all these problems are because we are bad monkeys."

Sometimes people ignore them and yell at me anyway ;)

Just keep making those little winks and smiles. They seem to diffuse the heat ;)

Off to a good start here,<br />
Wait 'till the Marxists wake up!<br />
(preparing to duck)

of course :)

Capitalism ;)

Where I work it's idiots getting smart people to do things for them. What's that called?