Had The Guts To Do It

atlaast after years for the first time i trimmed my waist length hair. lopped of 3 inches.plan to go shorter and a new style
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Good for you : ) This is an old post so did you ever go any shorter?

So how short did you go?

I have a haircut fetish too and would love to talk to you, could you please add me?

I think you should just cut your hair to mid back length just straight across and just leave it like that. I think that's the most beautiful style to have.

I would love to brush and play with your long hair , I am near Tampa,FL .


3 inches is alot after so many years..... Long gorgeous hair should be trimmed at least every couple of months to prevent split ends and maintain one nice long even legnth. How much shorter are you thinking of? If you have your hair cut in layers that is a drastic change. I regularly trim my wife`s waist length golden hair with the clippers-usually just an inch or so at atime She likes the clippers. She used to color her hair and then one night she told me to just cut it. Off came those color treated dried out locks cut to shoulder length. Her hair has grown out remarkably since

i hear you, i had hair beneath my knee caps, now i have it up to my nape. the weight off is incredible. on that line you are so confident grasping your new style

Good for you!!!!

Great. They will grow back again. I love long hair but a new look is always worth trying. So go on and have fun. Please no guilt here. This is coming from someone who loves long hair.

you will love short hair, so much easier to maintain & looks stunning. can you add me as a friend please ?

how long is your hair now...? when you'll make the decision...mail me....i'll would love to give u a nice n short haircut...


WOW....awesome. How did it feel lopping (awesome word) off your own hair? Was that the first time you did that? Can you describe your hair in more detail? You also mentioned you are going shorter.....does that mean you are going to give yourself that shorter cut or offer a hair fetish person to cut it off?? Also wondering what did you do with the cut hair?

wow ,that a spirit go on .!!

Very, very brave!!! How much shorter will you go?

dunno .. havent decided yet..