First Of All No One Should Do This

Secondly there's already an EP group for _it_.

Sorry for the June 2 chomping.
lesshissMORECAT lesshissMORECAT 31-35 2 Responses May 22, 2011

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I am as just as much at fault as the next guy on everything posted here.

Though I haven't sworn at one of own possessions since I was a kid, some uneven sidewalk got the finger about a week ago :-D

Fully you could argue I shoulda been watching where I was going...

Still this group should be a goal "not to do".

June 2 2008 is the date I discovered others like me exist... though Jul 18, 2008 was the date the wheels were set in motion for someone to steal this away from me, June 2 is the date that gets remembered.

So needless to say I get very bitchy around the 3 year anniversary of these horrific events. and usually everyone in my life keeps their distance, which in fact only makes matters worse...

I am planning to do exceedingly terrible things to those who caused my alienation from my own kind if it's not literally fixed yesterday. (I haven't checked my e-mail on that account today)

ROFL well hot diggidy damn i tells ya, when i made it it sure did not tell me that there be another group like this lol..So that means this group here can't possibly be an actual duplicate, cause EP too smart for that :)

And pray tell what is a June 2 chomping hmmm O_O,,we Canadians are not so familiar with your US vernacular and perhaps more to the point we Ex Europeans really have a harder time with some US idioms etc and so on...

Ouch i just stubbed my toe on your story, **** :P