A Night Ill Never Forget

I was 15years old, a freshmen in high school and i had a few amazing friends i was very close to.  We all would hang out together ( my boyfriend david, My best friend Dawn, her boyfriend Bryan, and myself.)  

My parents went away on vacation and we all four got together to hang out for the weekend at my house.  Mind you there was no drinking or drugs or any activity to affect our mind function ability. 

We were all sitting at the house and Bryan pulled out a ouija board.  I had never seen one before and had no idea what the game was all about.  I soon realized quickly as the night advanced that its not a game rather a fearful night of a memory that has stalked me ever since that night.  Another couple came over to hang out iwth us and they had a 6month old liitle girl.  The baby was sleeping in the playpack in the living room and we all sat at the table and proceeded to play this game together.  

The four of us ( dawn, bryan, me and david )  put our hands lightly on the marker and sat there next the the mother of the baby, I cant remember her name,  had played this game before so she guided us along as we were new to the whole concept.  

She started asking the game questions i had no idea what was going on she was talking to a boardgame lol.  I then was told its a game about reaching out to spirits to ask them questions and get them to answer.  Kids are dumb get entertained easily on useless informational tasks when they are bored.   

She started talking and our hands out of nowhere started moving in a circle on this marker i was in awe this thng was moving itself none of us were controlling it the motion was creepy slow motion with no actual force guiding it.  

She asked the spirirt if he was good or evil and he spelled out evl....Spirits are bad spellers.  My boyfriend was not impressed so he left the board and decided to just watch.  WE three were still on there and david and that chick  were asking the questions.  The night progressed and david started getting suspicious about this game and decided to control it himself.

He told us that if this game is real he will know it because he will find out through the answers given to him.  Keep in mind this is a true story i get chills just remembering the events of that night.  He told the spirit To find his best friend he lost years back.  He complied said he was there iwth him.  David said, If you are real then you will know the answer to the next question i ask you then ill believe in sprits if you can answer correctly.  The spirit ( through the guidance of our hand motion spelling out the words)  said ok yes.   

David walked all the way to the other side of the room got a piece of paper and proceeded to write something down on it. I was confused had no idea what he was doing but was told not to take my hand off this marker.  I was getting strange feelings going through my body from the steady floating motion of my hand moving across the board consistently when not asked a question. Each answer that was spelled on it was not hesitated by any means answered the second the question was asked there was no way any of us could have been guiding that marker it was real i swear.  

 David put the piece of paper down on the table face down then walked over to us and sat down. He then asked the spirit "jis my best friend there with you"  The spirit replied through us "yes"   David replied with the question " what was the word you carved on your driveway the day before you died "   

Before the question could be finished the marker began to spell out "SLY"   David began to get lightheaded and turned as white as a ghost and went completely silent.  His freind walked over picked up the paper and low and behold the word on the paper was "SLY" 

Omg my heart started racing with amazement and fear at the same time.  I asked him what that meant he said after he regained his strength to speak.  My best friends name was sylvester and that was what i called him for a nickname so he told me he would carve his new nickname on his driveway to seal our best freind pact together.  (( blood brothers forever )) 

After this we were all in awe over what just happened we proceeded to play more we were enticed to see what else would happen. 

The chick started asking the questions mind you whoever was asking the questions was not operating the marker.  For those of you who might be from california or are familiar with this case this may interest you immensely as i was completely mindblown when this happened.

She asked to speak to any other spirit and through the course of the conversation being spelled out on the board we believed we were connected to an evil spirit he was threatening us with death and at one point he spelled out ....killer....then box....then find me now.....then he gave us his name and gave us the impression he was the TOOLBOX MURDERER....he killed alot of people and someone killed him and put him in a toolbox im guessing it was a horrible story in california i believe maybe you all are familiar with this story and know more facts about it then i do but that is what we gathered from what he was saying......he then said ...take with me now.....she asked him what he meant ...he said ......breath mine......again we were lost they dont always talk in sentences you can understand......fnally out of the blue he spelled out ........BABY MINE.......NOW....omg we all jumped up and ran to the baby, to our most scariest fear the baby wasnt breathing  she was turning blue ...we called 911 they showed up ....they treid to revive her we were crying and so scared we couldnt believe what was happening ....finally the paramedics were able to revive that precious little baby.....she began to cry and we all cried with her happy to see her alive and ok....omg i was so scared everyone was sitting in the house the baby was fine and not left out of our sight nor would we let her go to sleep for fear it would happen again.  the paramedics found no trace of reason she would stop breathing .....we were just glad everything was ok.  ...the other couple went home and us four just sat up together freaked out all night we waited to the sun came up before we felt safe enough to go to sleep....to this day i get chills just being triggered of that memory and ive never ever attempted to play that game or be anywhere near that concept again. 

again this is a true story

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2009

poor baby i cried the only way to destroy a ouiji board is to burn it

It does happen.<br />
I feel the same those board i don't like to play with.<br />
<br />

wow... I started crying for no reason simply at the part when you said that the girl had came over and that the baby was in the play pin..I dunno why.<br />
that is seriously the scariest thing I've ever heard.

Freaky. Those boards are of Satan and evil sprits. They shouldnt be played with. I got chill just reading your story. Tonight I will sleep with the lights on. x