Evil Man!! My Real Life True Story, Part 1

growing up i had an evil, wicked step father, who thought the answer to everything was using his fist... i watched my mother get beat up and my mother watched me and my brother get beat with sticks, poles, rods and his fist, i never understood how a mother could let this happen to her children, i didnt understand if she loved him more then me or was she just to scared to leave..
This has been a poison in my adult life that i need gone, I have gone through stages of thinking that maybe if i forgive this man i may get over everything that went while i was child, I then cant get to the point of letting myself forgive him as i cant get rid of the pain he caused my family.
I was never allowed to have any friends through high school, i always had to be home on time in the afternoons after school or i would get in trouble, I would have to do the washing, clean the house, get what we needed from the shop and also help care for my younger siblings...
Almost every night i would cry myself to sleep wonering where my real dad was, and wondering why he hadn't come to save me from this bad life.
If i ever looked scared of theis man he would belt me and ask me what was hiding for my mum, i would beg and plead that was not hiding anything, he would then hit my mother and tell me it was my falt..
I will never forget the fear in her face when she saw him coming toward her, and there was nothing at all i could do to help her.. I my brother or i started crying while he was hitting mum he would grab her and tell us to "shut up or i will KILL your mum, The next day he would be so sorry, and we always forgave him till the next time..
He had my whole family fooled into believing he was the perfect Husband, Father, and step father, i would sometimes feel safe enogh to tell sertain people ho we wher getting treated but i was always made out to be telling stories and wen he would find out i told some one he would always beat me up..
He first started beating me when i was 11 years old i was in year 6 at school at the time, i was to scared to talk about it at all till i was aroung 14-15, The first person i told was my year 7 year advisor/mentor, it was the last straw he had beat me with a pole the night before and i couldnt take it anymore, so i got the guts up to tell her, she was a lovely lady who i formed a close bond with and thought i could trust her enough to tell her my story, but unknown to me she phoned my mother and asked her whta was going on, my mother convinced my year advisor that i was making most of it up, when i got home from school that afternoon i was devestated when my mum confronted me with it, I begged my mum to tell me why, why did she say i was lying, why didn't she love me enough to let the truth come out, what power did he have over her to make her choose him, I may never know that but i will not give up trying to find it out... Part 2 coming soon hope u like my real life true story part 1
marz82 marz82
26-30, F
Nov 29, 2012