Butter Pecan

Pass the ice cream please! No, I don't need a bowl. Just hand me the half a gallon and a spoon and I'm set lol only when I'm really really REALLY down will I resort to this but ice cream is a comfort and butter pecan is my weakness..don't know why but it's just a really nice band aid.

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6 Responses Mar 17, 2008

Lol that's really funny and I'm really glad you're hubby took the time to make you feel better :D and yes, Hooray for ICY-CREAM

I had to smile when I read your story. At a recent doctor's appointment, I asked my doctor why I would be craving ice cream when it was always something I didn't indulge in very often. She told me, Ice Cream helps a stomach that is exposed to medications, has ulcers etc. The ice cream actually helps by coating the stomach and reducing/releaving the pain. So Hurray for Ice Cream!! It actually is good for you. I was introduced to Butter Pecan and Prailines and Cream by my hubby. He felt so bad that I was suffering and so sick that he brought me some ice cream in the hope that it would cheer me up, if nothing else. Imagine that, his thoughtfulness not only cheered me up, but it really helped me feel better too!! =)

Damn straight it is!!

Butter Pecan is the comfort food of all time. My personal favorite also!

Thank you but for the most part I'm fine lol

I hope you get to feeling better... My personal weakness is mint chocolate chip or banna split (make sure theres cherries) :) cheer up.. if you ever need anyone to talk to im here!