Government Paid Child Care System, Needs A Lot Of Work!

Last year I was in a very awful car accident. I lost my job due to the length of physical therapy for my upper spine had damage. After my therapy was over I had been looking for work once my doctor released me, and was only allowed to work with certain restrictions as far as lifting and sitting. I began searching for a job in August of 2009 and started to become stressed when 2010 came and still no job. Plenty of interviews, yet no job. My medical benefit ran out from the prior year and was subjected to applying for the Government insurance available through the local Health and Human Service Commission. I have always paid my taxes of 20%, so I felt assured that it would be a good idea to use such a resource.

I was required to do 30 hours of job searching (based on my children’s ages) at the local Workforce Solutions Center. A new case worker handling my case at the local Health and Human Service Commission, denied my case 'by accident' which her supervisor later corrected after filing a complaint and an appeal through 211. The damage was already done. I still did my job search requirements given to me by my case worker at the local Workforce Solutions Center, in which I have one week left out of the four, parents such as myself, need to perform.

Good news though, I was hired just yesterday by a crafting store that accepts my limits set by my doctor, and am beginning employment on Monday. Here's the upsetting part that lead me to type in the google browser 'i hate the government'...I spoke with another case worker who informed me that since I still have one week left of job search, my child care will be denied within a week due to the over lap of my new job and will most likely have to re-apply with the Health and Human Service Commission.

So I will only have childcare for one week during my new employment..and the rest is up to me. I was baffled that just as I obtain a new job, they tell me something this huge and unfair. It makes absolutely no sense. All I am thinking, is how am I suppose to tell this wonderful employer who understands and has compassion for my physical situation, that I have to let the job go for not having child care for my children.

Does the government not understand that in order to work, a persons children has to not be at the job with them?

And all the case worker could say is there was nothing really they could do, for the system goes by the paper work and not the needs of the person.

I truly feel the Us Government wants to keep its people poor!

leanndamon leanndamon
26-30, F
Feb 20, 2010