Sick Of This Life


I cannot stand my life any more.


I am middle age, unable to find any type of job, lost everything I have had (including savings), have a wife who just does not understand and does not care, and I am stuck living with my ungrateful daughter and son-in-law.  And my wife has several medical problems that I cannot do anything about it because no money and no health insurance.


And the cold weather makes me very sick.  I have been sick all winter long.


I have been to many interviews, have had lots of phone calls from recruiters, but still no one wants to hire me.  It appears that I am too old to be hired by anybody and too young to go on retirement or social security.


I am almost homeless and do not know what to do.  


I have no true friends, I cannot get along with my family, and I have no where to go.


I have considered suicide many times but fortunately I do not have the courage to carry it through.


I go to church when I am able to find transportation.  I prayed many times and wondered how long will my life stay like this or will it get worse before the end comes.


I have been in this state since late 2007 and have not been able to get out of it.


So, this is my story.

ialwayshatedmyself ialwayshatedmyself
Feb 17, 2010