Tonight has been very eventful.. It ended with me cutting and losing my 92 days clean and I am so disappointed in myself beyond belief. Anyways, where to begin. Well I met this amazing about 1-2 years ago named Travis over Twitter. We are both big Demi Lovato fans so that's how I got to know him. We talked for the longest time and got to know eachother very very well. We were the best of friends; the only problem was that he was 18 and I was 16 years old at the time. Not really a big deal to some people but to my parents it was the biggest deal. One day my dad searched through my phone finding all the conversations with Travis and I (nothing inappropriate) and he completely cut me off from talking to him anymore. He cleared out my phone and I had absolutely no contact with Travis. He also messaged Travis this rude long message telling him to never talk to me again. I broke down crying and never got over it. Well recently, I began talking to Travis again and we are closer than ever. The feelings we have towards each other are just getting stronger. We talk about the future and kids a lot, since he is a very ambitious person. He is a nice Christian guy, has high morals, is a virgin, loves family and children, loves animals, can sing, we have the same interests and a lot more. We have so much in common which is why we get along so well. Tonight, Travis asked me to talk to my dad about us once again so of course I had a talk with my dad and it turned out badly. My dad once again was furious but never took my phone. He just yelled at me and told me that if he catches me talking to Travis then he will ground me and shut off my phone. He told me I am not allowed to have any contact with Travis anymore yet, I love him. I've never felt this way about any guy before. I truly love him and the only thing we want is to be together. I don't know what to do because I am heartbroken and have been absolutely numb for the past couple of hours overthinking things that I wish could come true.
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Have you two met in person and spent time together?

By the way would this be a long distance relationship?

We have not met eachother yet, but we have known eachother for a long time. He is coming to visit in December, around Christmas time now, and he also might move close to me so it will not be a long distance relationship.

Do your friends know him or did you just meet him randomly out of luck?

I randomly met him out of luck.

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