How Did She Do That?

She rocked my world and made me rethink everything.

Lampwick Lampwick 51-55, M 43 Responses Mar 25, 2009

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no, she probably wouldn't.

Nor would she want me to! He! He!

LOL i don't think anything could stop you!

I could go on a Tiger hunt! Shall I mount her?

a few days in the woods with you and i would be wild again lol

We should go camping!

wild? it's been so long, i don't know. i'm more mild these days lol

Getting back to the wild! Do you like wild?

.... waking up with a condom hanging out of my butt lol

Aw, the great outdoors, a little whiskey by the campfire......

LOL! i'll have to get back to you on the camping.

If you woke up hungover in a tent with your pants around your ankles and a used condom hanging from your *** would you tell anybody?


Wanna go camping?

well let me in on the joke. i could use a laugh right about now. a weekend in a hotel sounds great. after last night, not only could i use a joke but a vacation too.

Oh, that's just the punchline from an old joke. No, camping is not what I have in mind for you. I think a weekend in a fine hotel would be the thing. Nothing but you and room service for two days. Bring your toothbrush, but you won't need anything else!

camping? i'm scared of wild animals. will u protect me?

Yeah Baby! Wanna go camping?

lol. and i know you're the man who could do it!

I want to pull YOUR weight......He! He! He!

lol. i've had enough of poor broke men, that's for sure. a man who doesn't pull his weight is a loser. been there, done that.

My Baby really loves a big thick.....


he's cute, tearaway but he's also a bad influence too lol

Haha no money=no honey. This was funny. Can I be a poet too? You guys are cute.

LMAO! hey, in this economy, you've got to think about the almighty dollar. but i like the viscount regardless. but what man isn't even more attractive with a fat wallet lol. you're a poet and didn't know it! lol

HAHA, Now you are sounding like an escort service. With the pay, comes all the way. :P Hey that rhymes. COOOOL. I am trying to remember your response to the escort question.

lol. see krypton, your first critic, is giving it rave reviews. we can't lose. and if we get paid big time, you can definitely go all the way!

But I really want to go all the way ..............

It is the perfect balance of mush with wit. That is why it would make an excellent romance novel. You can't go all one way or the other.

lol. using me as your muse. aww thats sweet and it sounds like a fair trade to me. now i'll really be able to quit my job with the profits from just one book!

Practicing what on you? Hmmmmm....Let me think.......

But you see, I've seen you. Besides your wit and charm on here I know just how pretty you are too. So, I'm done for.

You can have all of the profits if I can have all of you.

LOL. hi krypton! is it too mushy? i think he's ready to write his first romance novel. he's just been practicing on me, you know and i get a cut of the profits.