How Can I Not Trust Him?

I was running late to work this morning...later than usual.  Going over in my mind all of the stress and happenings of the past few days and the list of things I had to do for the next few days is my morning ritual as I frantically keep an eye on the clock trying to keep it all together.  I grabbed my purse and my OJ and rushed out to pen up the dog and that's when I saw it...the most spectacular sunrise hit me square in the face, stopping me in my steps.  All I could do was just sit down and watch this amazing ball of light slowing rise above the trees lighting the sky in shades of yellows, oranges, and pinks.  I swear time stopped for me.  As I watched the show my mind slowed and I realized I hadn't stopped one time this morning to thank God for my blessings and the path he is leading me on.  I don't know if it's all the posting and reading I've been doing here on EP or if it's just that I've been thinking more about growing old, but I know that even with the potholes, the road blocks, and the detours I've had, the path He has planned for me is perfect.  I've become a better person, a stronger person, a wiser person with every difficulty I've faced.  And while I have absolutely no idea where He is leading me and it isn't exactly the road I would have chosen, I am glad I'm on it and just hope I can follow it with an open mind and open heart.

So all this from one amazingly beautiful ball of light this morning...He sure knows how to really wake me up sometimes.  Cheers all.

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There have been times when God has reached into His goody bag and pulled out a financial miracle or delivered me from a self-imposed catastrophe. And I am more than grateful. But when God goes beyond goodies and reveals Himself to us in an oh-so intimate way, that's when the beauty of our relationship really begins. For you, this time was a sunrise. For me, it was recently a song.<br />
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I have been going through an unbelievably difficult time, so feeling God's presence is all the more special. Do I wish He would just move my mountains? Yes. But I'm wise enough to know that sometimes we just have to climb them. So one day recently as I was clinging to hope and comfort in the form of a song playing over and over in my head, when God showed me...HIM.<br />
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I was downstairs in the kitchen humming a Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir song that I've only heard from them. Not a particularly popular song, but one that resonates with my spirit. When I returned to the muted TV upstairs, a woman was singing with such passion in her body language, that I thought to myself: “What if she’s singing my song?” So I unmated the TV. And as only God could orchestrate the timing, the station, the artist and the song to precisely match my inner yearnings, I was overwhelmed by His presence. She was in fact singing my song. It’s as if God pulled out of me and displayed on TV the hope I was harboring to let me know HE understands my feeling. And that HE is intimately attuned to my heart –even as I traverse such difficult territory in my life.<br />
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This may not seem like much of an experience to some, but when you have been in a space where you know- -that you know -- that you know God has revealed Himself to you, it’s indescribable. Words here just don’t suffice. <br />
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So thank you for sharing your sunset moment. It reminds me of how God can awaken our spirit to HIS in such a powerfully poignant way that we can only say, “thank you God for showing me how close you really are.” And no gift from a goody bag can outshine God Himself.

the little things in life are most cherchished but seldon seen

God is in the now. When you race through a moment, you miss God in that moment. You are getting it! Keep reading. Growing your awareness through the stories of others brings the clarity into your life more quickly.

We just dont take the time to stop and see all the amazing thing's that God has created around us each day. I too stopped one day to gaze at one of his amazing creation's, my own body. I looked at my hand's and all the amazing thing's that they can do. I looked around at all the thing's that my eye's could see and knew in my heart that i was not created by some big bang and crawled out of the ocean to become a monkey. My uncle say's that God fulfill's all his need's and throw's a few want's in there too. If we just stop for that moment and just look around. My Best.

Yes, every setback in our lives just makes us better people and leads us to the purpose filled life that he has planned for us.<br />
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All we need to do is to be grateful and embrace the life we've been given. <br />
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@poacherjo - Your faith in the midst of such pain is amazing.

I'm Sorry guys. I am new to this system and a couple of times now I have made statments and when checking back on them they dissapear.. Must be something I am doing incorrectly.<br />
Imjust want to try one more time to comment on the above comments. They are good<br />
<br />
He Gave His Only Son To Die for us sinners, ALL, so that we can have Slvation, Only If We Believe In Him!<br />

I think that is a wonderful statement of your faith.<br />
Many times when I am recked with pain I won der why he keeps letting<br />
me live on and on. The last time I went in the hospital I had a TIA.<br />
The doctor karing for me said, "Well Jo, I guess the father doesnit want you yet."<br />
I know I have a purpose and I can only assume its taling about Love offerings. <br />
Just like rite now. When I am talking withfolksabout my God and what he does for me,<br />
I bring up Love Offerings. I give money when I feel the need. <br />
However, love offerings are from the heart and then and only after you Tithe.<br />
I have Tithed all my life and aways will. Goid is so good to me there is no way I wouldn't meet my monitary obligatiions. I could write a story about how good God is to me but it would be long.<br />
I might give iot a try after I have practiced writing things for a while<br />

Not wanting to sound disrespectful here -I too can appreciate a great sunrise- but the thought that this beautiful light could be caused because of the dust from the Japan earthquake hanging in the air, puts things in perspective, me thinks...

Thanks so much. Your thoughtful message is a way of God telling me that I am loved. :)

I envy you for seeing things in this light. :) I have been in a battle of weather or not to still hope and to still believe that something great is out there for me. I have been in your state every so often before but since things arent going good for me, I started to feel as if theres no hope for me and that I am lost. I have started to have fights with God telling him how unfair he is. But then again I know at the end of the day that He does care for me and that He has greater plans in my life and with an open heart I continue my relationship with him. Then again im still having a hard time seeing hope. However, I cant deny the fact that I always keep coming back to Him for solace, its just that I am having a hard time making myself believe that there still is.. <br />
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Good day and I hope youll have the same joys everyday of your life. :)