One of the duties of man is to cultivate his inner joy.
But many religions have forgotten this precept.

Most temples are dark and cold.
The liturgical music is pompous and sad.
Priests wear black.
Rites celebrating the torture and the martyrs and compete in representations of scenes of cruelty.

As if the torture of their prophets were all signs of authenticity.
The joy of living, is it not the best way to thank God to exist!

And if God exists, why would it be a Being moody, He who gave the sweet song to birds?
Only notable exceptions: the Tao Te-King, a kind of philosophical-religious book, full of metaphysical which proposes to make fun of everything, including himself.

And the Gospels, these hymns sung joyously of the U.S. black community masses and funerals. Laughter is the essence of man. Let us use-by happily.
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why tao te king.

the way is no man. and the way is not wisdom in the static sense. it is not an exception. it is part of the culture of religion, religiosity, faith and its leap.

to say religion no longer cultivates inner-joy is to be ignorant of the inner joy all faith in something has.

God wants us to be joyful and happy!! it says in the bible that the joy of the Lord is my strength and it also says rejoice in the Lord always and again i say REJOICE!! It also says in the book of psalms to make a joyful noise to the Lord and give him thanks!!

Happy- Happy -Joy -Joy.<br />

Interesting concept !!!

It is also my opinion. Thank you for the comment :)