The Center Of The Bible.

The center of the Bible is Psalms 118 verse 8. There are 594 verses before it and 594 verses after this verse. When you add 594 and 594 you get 1188. Psalms 118verse 8. Interesting huh? This verse tells us to take refuge in God over trusting in man.

I have been struggling with health issues for over a year now. Nothing diagnosable. But lots of odd, weird symptoms. In my heart I know that God is slowing me down right now for a reason. What that reason is...I don't know. But I trust there is a reason why I have NO energy.

Just the other day something ODD happened. I have been counting on my doctors to give me an answer and to get me back to feeling better. Perhaps I have been counting on my doctors too much. One of my blood tests came back with something VERY out of range. As a matter of fact, the reading for this particular test was 118.9. Just one verse off from the verse that is the center of the Bible.

So of course I look up the verse to see what it says. It says to take refuge in God rather than trust in princes.  Recently, I began actively dating.  I took a break from dating after my divorce in order to get clarity about who I am now and what I want in a partner.  Is God trying to tell me that I am not yet ready to look for my next "prince?" 

Interesting how God's messages are all around us. We just have to look and interpret them correctly.  The interpretation is critical.  At first I got the interpretation wrong.  I slept on it and it came to me this morning.  Maybe I need to reevaluate my reasons for actively dating right now.  Maybe I need to take refuge in God and let him bring it all to me.  What do you think? 
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That actually makes perfect sense to me. I asked Him to heal my heart and help me to understand those who have caused me pain. I have asked him to help me to forgive those who have caused me so much trouble, and take away the pain and hatred from my heart. He never misses, ever ! So I am grateful to God, but I am learning an harsh lesson - no man will ever love me or know me in the same way as God does. God has never caused me pained or suffering, He is the gentlest and kindest of all. I have no will to look for a partner... I have never felt so at peace, understood and loved... For so many years I looked for my HOME, and I have finally swollen my pride and found out that God is my Home, and nothing and no one can replace Him.