Everyday Miracles

A few days a week I take my dogs hiking in the woods. They run, leash free, and explore and have a blast. While I walk, I talk to God. If you were to follow me, you would be able to hear, out loud, all kinds of things that I share with God.

On this particular day I was asking God for a sign to validate that he heard me. As I was walking the word "STOP" dropped in my head. Actually it was not an auditory hallucination, it was more like I felt a sense that I should stop. So I stopped.

Then I heard / sensed "look down." So I looked down and right at my feet, at the very edge of my toe, was a four leaf clover. It was sitting amongst about a thousand other clovers, but when I gazed down it was as if nothing else existed. It was as if the clover was lit from within. It stood out. I could not believe how easy it was to immediately see it. So I picked the clover and brought it with me. It symbolizes to me that "My luck is near."

The other day I played the lottery. Believe it or not, my numbers won... but on the very next day. They did not hit for the day I played. They hit the very next day. Another sign that my luck is near. God controls the timing. Luck is when opportunity, preparation and God's timing collide. So I patiently await for God's timing. Living in faith. :)Reproof
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