God Put Me In The Dark.

God. He knows me better than myself. He knows how stubborn I am. He knows I would rather run from a problem than fix it. And unless something is broken to the point of no return, only then, only then will I make an attempt to change it. God knows I'm lazy. He knows I am.
Put. put aside how much I feel my life sucks, God put me in this position for a reason. It woke me up. It taught me not to hate those who hate me. I mean, the things in my life. Some things are so bad it just becomes funny. It's when you know God is working. Most people can't see that. And the devil laughs. But the devil sees that with every bad situation, only makes me try to find God even more.
Me. me personally, I know God is with me and understands me more than a bestfriend would. He listens to me rant. Then whispers the next move I need to take. God put me in this hellhole of a family with all the chaos and screaming, so I could find Him better. For God is pure unlike the hell around you. It's easier to spot.
In. in everything, God is both in the good and the bad. Which is why you need to praise him both in the storm and in the good weather. When things are going bad, pray. When things are going good, pray. and in all, you go through the things you do, not by chance, but by purpose.
The. main Focus, is that God should be yours, and you are His.
Dark days are coming. Worst than this. Are you ready?
God put me in the dark. Afterall, that's when light shines its brightest. Even your shadow leaves you when things get dark. And you need to know, that even when you can't see Him, He's always there.
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God tests you by making it harder to see his clearest, direct path for you. In reality, every choice is right. There is no wrong choice. All paths lead to God. It is just that some paths are less direct because they include growth lessons. Growth paths are less direct. These paths extend the time component of our process.

In reality, it all boils down to understanding that there are test paths and there are direct paths to God's purpose for our lives. If God suspects you need more growth, he makes the choice cloudy. You are being tested. When the choice isn't clear, it is a sign that you are being tested.

This is the time to sStop and assess.

Will you choose the familiar path or will you choose the unfamiliar path? The familiar path is familiar because it contains growth lessons from your history, that your unconscious wants you to address. The unfamiliar path is God's most direct path.

Right now, you are being tested. Stop, breathe and think/ponder before you act. Look inside yourself to see where your history pulls you. That is your auto-pilot. When you follow that impulse, you choose the lesson path. The lesson path is the least direct path to your purpose, but it is also a rewarding path, because you make meaning of your history on that path. So, in essence, there is no wrong choice.

Romans 8:28. God uses all things for good when you are walking from God's plan. Everything happens for a reason. There is no wrong choice. There is conscious choice. When you do not consciously choose your path, your unconscious chooses for you. Your unconscious ALWAYS chooses to seek meaning from it's history. The key is to become aware of how the process works and to take control it. Sounds easy, but it takes lots of practice.

When you are in the dark, you are being tested. Will you let your unconscious choose for you, or will you consciously choose to walk the less familiar path?

Happy trails!

Thankyou so much....i just...thankyou

Thankyou so much. That means so much to me. I pray God continues to guide you.

You are so wise for your age! It is so true that God places you in chaos so that you will seek him out and learn to rely on him. <br />
<br />
God has stalled everything in my life for the past two years, all to teach me the power and beauty of patience, to wait for His timing. We all operate on God's timing. Luck is when preparation, patience, opportunity and God's timing collide. So I patiently wait, in Faith, for God's luck and opportunity. :) <br />
<br />
God is behind all of it. Pray for the clarity of God's lesson during the bad times and for the God's best result during the good times. We all have our imbedded messages. Life is rich and beautiful!