I Forgot.

I was walking in the woods one day and talking to God. I heard the word STOP. It was not an auditory hallucination, but more like an intense feeling or sense to STOP. So I stopped walking. Then I heard LOOK DOWN. When I looked down, I was standing in a grove of clovers and right at the tip of my toe was a FOUR LEAF CLOVER. I smiled, bent down and picked it.

As I continued to walk, again I heard STOP. So I stopped. Then again I heard LOOK DOWN. So I looked down. Sitting at the edge of my toe was a day-glow orange LIZARD. I looked at it, smiled and kept walking.

I was praying the other day, asking God to cast my health problems out of me. Suddenly a very large GRASSHOPPER flew full force right into my arm. It hit me so hard, my arm stung. I looked up at God, smiled and thanked God for the sign.

Then, when I walked down the hill there was a little GRASSHOPPER sitting in the center of the daisy that was growing by my back door. It looked so cute, I took a photo of the little GRASSHOPPER. That little GRASSHOPPER was sitting in the center of that daisy every morning for about a week.

I had visited a place where a miracle was supposed to have happened. I found a place to pray, near the base of a small waterfall. I sat in the sand, closed my eyes and began to pray. I felt little, delicate tapping acrossed my face. When I opened my eyes, a large yellow and black BUTTERFLY was standing on my face. I was amazed at what was happening to me. I closed my eyes and felt the BUTTERFLY fly away. I finished praying, and when I opened my eyes, laying at my feet, in the sand, was a large yellow and black BUTTERFLY wing. I took a photo of it.

My friend sent me the book "THE ALCHEMIST" the other day. Years ago, I gave her a copy of the book and told her to read it, that it would change her life. She read it and said it was now her favorite book. She was filling out an online dating profile, and she put down that "THE ALCHEMIST" was her favorite book. She received matches, and one of her matches said "The Alchemist" was his favorite book. That started the conversation between them. They are now married and are the happiest couple I have ever seen. So we had a "FULL CIRCLE MOMENT" when she gave a copy of the book back to me. She told me that I needed to re-read it now, with my current wisdom and perspective. So I did.

The book said that BUTTERFLIES, LIZARDS, GRASSHOPPERS, FOUR LEAF CLOVERS, & crickets are signs of good luck. I had forgotten all about that fact. I have been having all of those signs recently. I knew they were signs from God, but I did not realize that they were good luck signs. :)
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Sep 13, 2012