I have a spot, on top of the hill behind my house, where I go to pray. This beautiful, soft, forrest green moss covers the ground up there. There is a weathered, gray tree stump up there. It is a peacful spot. There is a "U" shaped open field surrounded by trees. The front of the spot looks out onto a meadow with a creek, and the hills and forrest on the other side of the meadow. Right now, the trees are changing color. The fall colors are stunning.

So I am standing in the moss, next to my stump, praying. I asked God to annoint me with my purpose. Suddenly a gentle breeze blew through the treetops. The wind circled it's way through the "U" shaped cove of trees. The trees gently rustled. Yellow leaves fell like gentle raindrops. It was a beautiful site to see.

I was facing forward, looking across the meadow at the opposing hillside, admiring it's beautiful fall colors. I could hear the trees above me rustling from the breeze. All of a sudden, I felt a spash of water hit me right on the top of my head. I started to giggle. I guess I received my annointment.
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3 Responses Oct 18, 2012

lol. God has a sence of humor.

I think you right.

Amen stuwebb2. :)Reproof