God, Needs To Stop Speaking In Code.

I do trust God to guide me, but he has to stop speaking to me in code. He really does need to be a little more clear and direct. He needs to break down his message in steps. Because, right now, I am not sure what to do first, and in this case, with the current series of events, placement can matter. Just because He sees all, and knows all, sure doesn't mean that I do.
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Yes. You must pray and have faith. God has not talked to me directly like he does my husband and others but I'm growing closer to God and pray that he will.

I don't know this is werid because he has spoken directly to me and to many others. Sorry you he hasn't spoken to you like you like. I suggest praying.

Sorry, somethings wrong with my smart phone, it posted without my saying so... Very smart indeed. Let's continue where we left.

We want things to happen at the time of our liking, however, that might not be to His liking. God's a great schemer, His timing though may not be to our liking, is indeed perfect.

It so happened that I had a certain issue and I kept praying and asking Him for guidance, which sure came but I had to wait for a very long time. The reason could be that He wanted me to learn a lesson, that I don't forget easily. Of course lessons learnt the hard way are not easily forgotten.

Then, I'm also a very firm believer in fate, if somethings gotta happen, it will eventually happen, why struggle so much.. let the destiny take its course.

And my friend bowman, thanks for your reply, however, the problem is that we are dependent on God and its not the other way round!

Best of luck to all of us! :)

A very thought provoking and interesting read. Intellectually I'm not very gifted like some of the people who have given their input, but I'd like to contribute nevertheless! First, God has given us senses to look at things, understand and make choices. Then, as u said it yourself, everything happens for a reason. We humans or animals for that matter too :) are very impatient

123friend there is nothing wrong with your intellect. Thanks for the contribution. Yes we are impatient we have but a few score years on this earth...God's timetable...is infinity.

well and being God..He has to have sorted out.. that in this instance...i am in the special needs class.....i am with the ...slow kids.,..so i need a little more help...please.

Very sorry to hear that. My prayers and commiseration are with you, May God make things easier for you and help u with all your problems....Friend.

Me Too! I'm in the same class...ride in the "short bus"...doing the best I can.

and with our luck... WUH!! the bus will stop,,and we will wonder off..in some crazy direction...hopefully, someone will miss us, and think to look for us...

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I know exactly what you mean! Great post. We could all use a little more divine assistance at times.

Neuilly, just accept what is, and don't resist anything. Go with your common sense and reason. The breathing and meditation will help you touch the source of God within you. After you are calm and relaxed, ask yourself some questions. It's amazing how answers come to you, when your center is calm and at peace. Blessings.

Actually...that is very true..i light a candle and pray to the Holy Spirit.but sometimes..we get mixed messages...

Ah, yes....once again we see a most common affliction of the human condition. Did I miss the secret decoder ring? :-}

oops...the decoder ring, hmmm....yup, ....it's in the mail!!!


Neuily, thanks for the invigorating, thought provoking post. I believe we all share this experience. :)Reproof

It is challenging to decipher the code. But I know, from my experience, that God's code gets clearer and clearer when you consciously choose NOT to follow the paths rife with your personal tests. The choice gets cloudy in order to make you try harder to seek his best direction. God wants you to demonstrate that you WANT to follow his direction.

So God tests you by making it harder to see his clearest, direct path for you. In reality, every choice is right. There is no wrong choice. All paths lead to God. It is just that some paths are less direct because they include growth lessons. Growth paths are less direct. These paths extend the time component of our process.

In reality, it all boils down to understanding that there are test paths and there are direct paths to God's purpose for our lives. If God suspects you need more growth, he makes the vision cloudy. You are being tested. When the choice isn't clear,it is a sign that you are being tested. Stop and assess.

Will you choose the familiar path or will you choose the unfamiliar path? The familiar path is familiar because it contains growth lessons from your history, that your unconscious wants you to address. The unfamiliar path is God's most direct path.

Right now, you are being tested. Stop, breathe and think/ponder before you act. Look inside yourself to see where your history pulls you. That is your auto-pilot. When you follow that impulse, you choose the lesson path. The lesson path is the least direct path to your purpose, but it is also a rewarding path, because you make meaning of your history on that path. So, in essence, there is no wrong choice.

God gives us the power of choice, which is where we grow awareness of the knowledge of "good and evil." You can always choose NOT to grow and learn from you past. But the power of the choice is always yours. Romans 8:28. God uses all things for good when you are walking from God's plan. Everything happens for a reason. There is no wrong choice. There is conscious choice. When you do not consciously choose your path, your unconscious chooses for you. It ALWAYS chooses to seek meaning from it's history. The key is to become aware of how the process works and to take control it. Sounds easy, but it takes lots of practice.

I hope this helps.
Happy trails!

I know but running fast, when your running in circles. is not helpful..

When you don't stop, breathe and ponder your choices, your unconscious will choose for you. And your unconscious ALWAYS chooses the wisdom path. Slow down. Don't play the game. Don't run fast! Let it all fall apart around you. Do not run! If you get caught up in that fast process, you are guaranteeing that your unconscious WILL choose the path of lessons and wisdom.

i could see God doing that, if he needed us to learn something. i could see Him doing that if we needed to be sidetracked for a bit, delayed for a bit for safety, or because of some person we need to meet. I think things happen for a reson..There is a plan, and every person in your life, is there for a reason. and so i try to connect in a positive way, and perhaps that way, share my knowledge, and listen to the knowledge offered to me.