Weird Things Are Happening

Some weird technology things are happening to me, that I want to share. My laptop has been taken over by some external entity. When I try to use it, it requests a password. When I enter in my regular password, it doesn't work.

My facebook account has been taken over as well. Suddenly my password does not work, and I cannot get into my facebook page.

I am worried that the next thing to go will be my netbook, and I will no longer be able to communicate via the web. I am concerned that my data may be compromised. But I am trying to keep the faith that God has a plan.

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2 Responses Nov 6, 2012 need to take your laptop, to somebody who knows computers, and have it looked at..and don't wate time. i think you have some sort of virus..and it is not something to joke about..your computer has a lot of personal information.

If this isn't tongue in cheek (since clearly noone has locked you out of EP) I would recommend calling your nearest computer savvy nephew or other family member or friend. You atleast need to upload some anitvirus protection to your computer.

I do feel your pain though, the other day my daughter's computer accessed my gmail and through Windows live mail when she was taking a photo with her laptop. Through her email account I was sent an email I had mailed out over a year ago that originated in my email. Then I couldn't access the program to shut it down so I had to shut down the IMAP feature on my email so Windows live email could no longer access it.

Wow, that is wild! I have updated antivirus. So far, I can still access some places on the web (EP being one of them). But facebook is hijacked. It is crazy.

I did not mean to make a joke of your problem. I just wasn't sure this was a serious post. Tone can be lost in writing I am afraid and possibly my reading comprehension skills have been used up dealing with my own computer issues.

Taking your computer to be seviced is a great idea but if your accounts have been affected you need to take care of that also and you could do that while you computer is being taken care of by someone else.

You could go to the Help section on Facebook I can see the "Help" is in the far right hand corner of the facebook log in page and can be opened when one is not logged in. If you click on that it takes you to a page that offers choices such as "Report an Issue" & "Get help Logging in"
This way you can let facebook know you have a problem.

I would also change passwords on all of your emails etc.

Good luck