The Power Of Coincidence

I was on my online dating website the other day and I received a contact from an attractive man. So I responded to him. Ironically, he looks like an older version of my ex-husband. My ex-husband was an IT executive when I met him. We got engaged while he was still working a corporate job as an IT executive.

A few months shy of our wedding, my ex-husband lost his corporate executive IT job. He received a sizable severance package upon his exit. He had always wanted to be an airline pilot. He had received enough in the severance package to retrain to try to become an airline pilot. I supported his pursuit of his dreams. So we married and he switched careers.

Turns out not only does the man on the dating website look a lot like my ex-husband, but he now holds an executive position at a major technology company (one of the Giants in tech). This new man is a visual representation of my ex-husband. This new man is also a professional representation of where my ex-husband would have been, had he not lost his job. This new man represents the other direction my life could have gone.  He represents the path my life did not travel.  This man represents the alternate path, at the fork in my road, that occurred a dozen years ago. He represents my having a chance to see what my relationship might have been like, had my ex-husband not changed career paths. Ironic isn't it?!

My marriage ended because my husband of ten years cheated on me. My date's marriage ended because his wife of 6 years cheated on him...with an airline pilot.  You can see where this is going. Turns out his wife and my husband had the affairs with each other, and it broke up our two marriages.  At this moment I am feeling a bit like Shania Twain.  Lol.

After my marriage ended I moved clear across the country.  I now live over 2000 miles away from where this all took place. My new guy lives in the same location where the affairs all took place. Yet, via the miraculous world-wide-web, two total strangers, who live over 2000 miles apart, who shared the same pain, miraculously managed to find each other. I do not know if we will continue pursuing each other. I am still trying to digest and make meaning of the coincidences.

But wouldn't it be fascinating if I had to be married to my husband, and be cheated on by him, so that I could be single and available now, at the exact time when this man is available. Wouldn't it be fascinating if I was only 6 degrees of separation from a great love, and, over a decade, God had to patiently/painstakingly planted the right reference points inside of me for me to be able to see that great love when God dropped it directly in my lap?  God works in mysterious ways!  I don't have any idea how this is going to turn out......but I know one thing is certain.... "I trust God to guide me." 
God uses everything for good when you are walking from God's plan.
Do NOT give up & Keep the Faith! 
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I feel you, because I don't believe in coincidence. Things happen for a reason, nothing is don by accident or chance.

Susanfm, It was a mind-blowing coincidence! After my divorce, I did not date for a year and a half. Instead, I took the time to really learn the lesson in my loss. I forced myself to become fully conscious of that lesson, so as not to repeat the pattern again in my next relationship. After chatting with new man, I decided not to date him. I realized that he had not taken the time to spot the lesson in his loss, and hence he would be destined to repeat it until he got it. You can't escape your lessons by avoiding facing them. When you avoid, you repeat. It's another Universal Law of Humanity.

Fate tested me, to see if I had really learned the lesson in the loss. Fate brought me the perfect person to hook me into pattern repetition, if I had not fully learned my lesson. I had to prove to the Universe that I got the lesson in the loss and that I did not want to repeat, by NOT choosing this man. I was sooooo tempted. He is soooooo my type! But I knew if I dated him, I would find myself back in my pattern of repetition.

Universal Law is so powerful. Choice is always in our realm. However, Choice comes in two forms: conscious choice or unconscious choice. Conscious choice is an option only when you take the time to learn the lesson in the prior loss. By understanding this lesson, you can avoid taking future paths that contain that lesson. You have to know the lesson and what caused the loss, to know how to spot it and avoid it.

If you don't consciously choose, your brain automatically unconsciously chooses the path that seems familiar. Hence, repetition occurs. Repetition is familiar. Your unconscious is programmed to spot & read for this familiarity. So if you don't consciously choose, then your brain unconsciously will automatically choose the familiar path of repetition. Unconscious choice ALWAYS leads to pattern repetition. It is another Universal Law of Humanity.

Because I took the time to understand the lesson in my loss, I was able to consciously chose to avoid repetition with this new man.

Thanks again for your comment and well wishes.

i gave you all my tokens :-) great story. Yes, everything comes full circle. it is the Universal Law. And God's plan for your life perhaps. Hope all works out

Thanks stuwebb2. :)

great post