All About My Life

Well,what is life about? Questions that i raised to myself or answer that i am searching for. I am 27 yrs old started my journey at the age of 23 what we call as a life but lost in the in 27 itself, so many thins happened in this 4 yrs starting from getting ditched from my girlfriend that is another case , i lost her or what i call she ditched me as because i was 3 yrs junior to her, she was good in starting but as i was growing in my life,she escaped with another,that was a shock to my entire system because i never ditched anyone nor tell any lie nor i cheat , i was straight , simple & true and more i was generous so i had to pay for my generousity even in my work and in every part of my life. i really don't understand why can't we speak straight? i have been going through various article posted in EXPERIENCE PROJECT & i found really we are not true our own thoughts. i don't know ,might be i am wrong, all upto everyone. LIFE ITSELF IS FULLFILLING . I am growing don't know where i will be heading but i am irritated of people telling lie,making false commitment, sometimes i think i should go for solitude. Really don't know what to do
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1 Response Dec 25, 2009

You can go that way if you like if that is what your spirit,,,says you need to get your own journey stright get on with it,,,and happy trails and I will see you when you find your own power to know what you know you know to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth,,,and worry not for others who are walking blinde and alone unloved not know how it feels,,,,I will still be here running my month to anyone who will exsept my words and find a balance between Love and Light,,,and self,,,,they do flow some what together,,,how ever time is short can you really afford to take a brake from caring for others,,,,well I am afool by some and by others I am very nice,,,and still others wish I would change my story maybe,,,but this is not about me knowing its about your knowing,,,so trust your spirit to guide you to the people or animals or trees,,,even brids,,,,or God/goddess them selfs,,,and know who you are,,,,within,,,Love and Light Mary