The Only Person I Can Trust Is God

I can only trust God. I love him. I can't trust my parents, they have hurt me too much. Now if God is a farce. Then I want to die. Because if the creator of the universe is a lie, then we are bound to suffer. But then I always keep in mind, that Jesus died for our sins. I want to make sure throughout her sinful and sad behavior. God and Jesus tore through this cursed world. This world is cursed, cursed, cursed. Then we have some people that think some people are crazy for believing in God. How can deny Jesus sacrifice. Why are some people starting to think, that you have a mental illness for believing in Jesus. We can not forget what Jesus done for this world. It is amazing that people are becoming less and less good on God's planet. Like how are they so many non-believers, and then they tried to promote their non-belief on other people. But if we talk about truth, then we are preaching. I see why the Holy Bible is like a double edged sword. I see why. Now when I see it, I kinda wish I knew everything before hand, or that I would have an older brother. I think an older brother would've been fabolous. I would have learned so much from him. Maybe like a 28 year old, because I am 24 year old. He probably would have chest tie me, for going off on my father. But now I see why I had to create it. Because I always wanted an older brother. I always wanted him to show me what it was like. To have the nice cars, the nice condos. To give me something to dream about. My father couldn't supply it, and now I see why.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 16, 2010