Perfect Life

I wish i could just wake up one day and get out of this painful heart ache and feel all refreshed. I wish life will not be this painful and windy, I just wish i could get it right this time round. I wish people will not take advantage of my good heart again, I wish i could wake up and realize all i have been through was just a long nightmare.....I feel broken, used, abused and weak....I need strength to survive, because nothing makes sense to me any longer and i don't trust anyone!
anointedonee anointedonee
1 Response Feb 14, 2012

I know how you feel. You are an exceptionally good person because you trust others. Trust is something that many people do not feel obligated to share easily. But for people like you that do trust easily, no matter what lies and hurtful experiences tarnish your trusting self, on instinct you will always remain pure for the ones who are right for you in the world. Don't give up hope yet because, to people like me, you ARE the hope in this cruel world.