I Like to Trust People - Find ...

I like to trust people - find it really difficult working out just if and what people have as their agenda, and it frustrates me to try and penetrate their deceits... If I am once taken in, though, I find it hard to trust them again.
Waiwera Waiwera
70+, M
3 Responses Jul 5, 2007

Deceive me once, shame on you. Deceive me twice, shame on me.

I know what you mean. I have found that the interior motives of others really shouldn't affect the way I respond to them. I think trust is the most important virtue we need for survival. You can share and give to anyone for your own good not theirs. If they are someone who gives you an uneasy feeling, it is easy to stay back a few steps and still show your trust or support. There is improper judgment of others and their is the necesstiy of judging for your own welfare. One is right one is wrong. Hope this helps.

I always try to assume that people are being genuine in what they do, which means that it is difficult to forgive people for lying.