Oh Well ...

I'd rather trust people too quickly than be suspicious.  Liars always give themselves away quickly.  While I prefer to give them an opportunity to, it's up to them ...  A lot of trust is broken around the world everyday ...  oh well  ...

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Really, how do liars give themselves away? I have known some really manipulative people and I wasn't aware I was being conned until it was too late.<br />
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So tell me what are these signs?

Tough skin helps ... but to take it personally is where the danger really is ... Thinking you somehow brought it on yourself can be very demoralizing ... because you trusted ... The other person took the easy way out, and is to be seen completely at fault for the rhubarb.

I agree that there has to be limits silentvoices, I now understand complete blind trust would be ludicrous and dangerous. I'm thinking more like what princess4ever said in that it's up to everyone to keep their slate clean, including ourselves. If someone plays you for a sap, they'll eventually show it. Then we go from there ...

Yep, I believe in giving people a chance...sometimes over and over. And trust is something you should earn. But depending on what the situation, even when trust is broken, sometimes we can see through to still give another chance. I meet and give everyone a clean slate and see where it goes from there. But to have a relationship, it takes time to build that trust and sometimes re-build if broken. We just have to decide if its worth it or not

I don't understand what's wrong with even blind trust? ...

well we should but not blind trust.. <br />
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Thanks cutie ... I've always had that attitude, it just works ...<br />
Hugs!!! back :)