A Good Day Turned Bad

The day after Valentine's day our church held a small get together. after They a few of my friends got done running around my home town they went to pick me up then took 1 of my friends and her baby home. When they got there, after she fought with her husband, he left her a note saying he was gone with all his stuff and meds. He called and said he was at a girls house. when he came back he got in my face and yelled when i was in the process of changing the baby. He did the same to everyone that day. He was also abusing his wife which almost cost their little one her life via suffication. He blammed everyone for his stupid actions when there were about 10 people who witnessed this . The cops ended up being called that night because we had enough. He is controling her, where she can go, and what she can do. He thinks he is god for goodness sake!
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Feb 16, 2013