So Close, But Yet So Far

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 With so many years of being on the Internet, I've met and made countless friends from all around the World, but on those very special occasions, you meet someone that you wish to get closer too, someone who you know that would be a wonderful and lifelong friend in person...the real world. For those special and rare occasions, the virtual world just doesn't seem to be enough. You can't touch them, hold them, see their face, hear their voice, and somehow the messages or email just leaves far too many things out of a warm and loving friendship. For those times, I wish there was a magic transporter beam to just zap us to where we wish to be. The closeness suffers with the lack of touch. Just sayin!!

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10 Responses Feb 15, 2010

in the groove? <br />
gawds....far out and gravy. (ok I just showed a bit of my age)<br />
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I have a few friends tho, that I met online and finally just HAD to meet in RL. Amazingly enough they were just what I anticipated. :)

I hear you, MusicMouse. I guess distance comes with the territory, but a good song can really speak to your blues. I think Carole King is awesome. So many great, heartfelt songs and "So Far Away" tops the list. I am sure one day RL and VL will come together happily for you. If you see your old friend again, tell her hello and thank you from a true fan ;-) Until then, put your records on.

I wholeheartedly agreed MM. It is quite strange when you think about it. I have shared some of my most intimate stuff with people I have never met. In fact, the sheer level of intimacy at times has surpassed anything I have had in the "real world"<br />
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Ahhh - Carol King - brings back many memories for this San Francisco raised girl. I remember being at a party in Marin County many moons ago with the likes of her, James Taylor and a few more that I could obnoxiously name drop, but I will spare you all.<br />
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Thanks for bringing memories to light and yes, a few tears for the inability to bring some of that intimacy to the level of a big warm hug.

but here we say that things look beautiful from distance.. may be when i will see them in real then i afraid if things will not like that as we feel on net for each other.. then it will make both sides so unrest.. i felt that people always develop high expectations in long distance relationships.. and they develop a dream like personality in their hearts and heads for their net close ones..<br />
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any way.. i believe good people still exist in world you can find any where.. they are rare but they are there.. and i find few on net ..<br />
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thanks to net..

yaa thats true .. although i did not know much people on net .. there just few who i believe are so caring and sweet and best ever that i meet in my life.. i mostly think about them off the line too and some time i wish i can go and talk them face to face.. .. or some time when i see them online i think and wish that i can go through this computer on other side in their room or where they are but like all wishes thats is also a wish .. ..<br />
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but i did not feel this for all .. because i am little realistic more than others i know they way communication technology is going in coming days it will happen more and our wishes like this will increase more but we know the real world is different than this virtual .. but thats fact that those people that i meet on net become a permanent part of my life.. i wish again that in future at least i can see one two of them in real.. .. if not then i will try my best to keep a contact till end in this world.. through this machine.. <br />
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i miss you all..<br />
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thanks for sharing .. <br />
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Well, at least miles do not keep people apart if they are determined to meet.

It would be really nice to meet some of the friends I have online, like you MM :)

Carol King--such a great talent....writer and performer.....perhaps, when we step out of time and into eternity, we will get to meet and be with all those who for now we keep in our hearts.

I finally got rid of the 8 but I keep my vinyl. 33 1/3 , and loads of 45s. (somewhere are even a few EPs.

I know musicmouse. Virtual friendships are very special and precious and made even more so by their mysterious and invisible qualities. It doesn't stop them being a little frustrating now and again too!!