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I had opened my heart to an adult I thought I could really trust. Obviously it didn't work out. What happened was she gave me some advice that I acted on. I had a heated conversation to my parents about it (which needed to happen) and they thought I was being disrespectful and rebellious. I was not. I was trying to be as respectful as they raised me to be but the would not listened to me and put they're own ideas of what they wanted me to do in life. She heard about it and went off on me without hearing my side. Later that day I had a panic attack and I was in a grumpy mood and I didn't want to go into the gym with that attitude. Who wants to be around a grumpy teenager? And this woman walked out gipped the car door open drags me out of the car across the parking lot and sat me down in the gym. I followed quietly but to me she crossed the line. Just because I opened my heart to her did not give the right to treat me like that. So months go by and I forgave. I treat her normally but I do not trust her. The reason I'm writing this is because it upsets me how she is treating me. She blatantly displays how much she hates me. There was some signs I over looked because I thought I was reading into it too much. I was sitting with my mom (she's my mom's friend) and she saw me and she was with her kid and she stopped for a brief moment then continued. I saw it but my mom didn't. And I wondered about it. She didn't do that before but I dismissed it. But today when I walked it the gym I saw her look at and she turned her head around like she had to prepare herself to face me! Are you kidding me!!! To top it off she greeted my mom and not me(I felt uncomfortable to talk to her after that look) and she hugs this girl she talks about behind her back and kisses and loves on her right in front of me. If that's not immature I don't know what is! I feel like I'm acting like the adult here! I just wish I had never spoken to her! She acts like I'm this super disrespectful kid who is wild and uncontrollable! I admit I am disrespectful at times and I do get grounded and I do do things wrong (haha I said do do💩)but I'm trying I'm only a teenager I'm learning! At least I'm not her kid who is moody all the freaking time! I kid you not. And I would NEVER post a woman's private part as my profile picture on Instagram like she did!!! I'm just hurt and mentally slapping myself in the face! I'm obviously going to see this woman a lot! How do I deal with this?!?
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Lifes 2 short....do u really care about her??

It just really hurts to know I trusted her but really no. It just sucks that she happens to be my mom's close friends😞

Unfortunately not every1 can be trusted in confidence and its pretty unfortunate she's that tight with ur mother but jus let it slide...no point adding petrol to the fire but for future at least u no ya can't trust her to the same degree that u did so it won't happen ya twice...

Your right. Thank you this means a lot.

No need on thank it was my pleasure....lifes 2 short....dont be nobody's fool and pick ur battles wisely....she's prob just jealous of u anyway....dont freat urself..

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