Tricky Little Boogers

They are so sneaky, it really is hard to spot them. They manipulate your feelings and actions and are proud of it. That should be a hint...but they hide their toxicity so well. Then you wake up one morning and BAMMMM, seemingly out of nowhere (but not really) the toxicity shows itself LOUD AND PROUD. It's really not your fault if they fool you once...but a second time, well then you are the fool. AND MY MOMMA DIDN'T RAISE NO FOOL
natashamarie natashamarie
41-45, F
4 Responses Aug 2, 2010

For sure...if I weren't feeling so good, I would feel sorry for myself for how bad I have been feeling without even knowing it...if that makes sense

But the good news is, your spirit really feels so much better when it is over!!! Thanks for reading and commenting Destry

Thanks so much for reading and commenting. Big kudos to you for being able to break free from a toxic family member. I imagine it had to be harder for you because it was family. Keep your head up and don't let the jealous family members who are still stuck steal your joy

I am just thrilled to be out of it. There is a new bounce in my step and new light in my eye. I never knew how much this person was draining me. Thanks for reading and commenting in answer to your question I think it is a well thought out attack to keep you "beneath them" not at all accidental. That's what makes their behavior so unacceptable