My So Called "sister"

I was friends with this girl for a while. We were good friends for over 5 years but it seems as though, I got closer as a sister, she would use that to her advantage.

We meet though a friend, of a friend. You know how it goes. She was an awesome person and we had so much in common, I thought. I felt like myself around her. I felt like I could be myself around her and not be judged. We grew so close, we both started to call each other "sister".

The beginning of the end was when she ran into her ex-boyfriend. That's when things went down hill. Even though she was married, she started to hang around with him. She started to hate her marriage, her husband, her job and I seem to be the only thing she kept around. She started to hang out with her ex's friends, who were not the best people to be around. She started to bring me into the picture. Unfortunately, she knew how good of a friend I was to her, and used that to her advantage as well. She started back up into drugs, lying to be about absolutely everything but unfortunately, I believed her. I had no other evidence to the contrary, at that time.

She was a part of my separation from my ex. She was a large part why I got arrested, and my record is squeaky clean. I had to get myself out of that one. She kept borrowing money and telling me that she would pay it back, eventually, but I had no evidence to the contrary not to believe her. She made me completely broke.

I then meet another one of her many "friends" but this one was different. He was very different. We were at a coffee shop. She went to the bathroom. He then asked me questions about her. I honestly answered but then that is when I knew something was up. I asked him some questions. These questions was about what she had said to us. Unfortunately, she can't get her story straight. She told lies to both of us. I am not the only one getting used anymore. There was someone else. She told him, that she had aids and needed the money to get pills. She told me she contracted Hep c. The fack story goes on and on. I was single for a while, because of her. Me and her friend, became more than just friends. Though she did not approve. Big surprise. Both of us collaborated on the stories she was telling, and everything didn't fit. He stopped being her friend, and suggested that I do the same. I stopped talking to her about a month later.

About a few months after I stopped talking to her, I decided to take her to civic court. I got the papers and drove to her apartment only to find that no one was there. She left her stuff there and took off.  She knows that I am looking for her and is doing her best to be under the radar. I will serve her the papers. There is no doubt about that.

I have been talking with her "best friend" through out the years. Her "best friend" now wants nothing to do with her. She is trying to find her as well.

I have heard, from her ex-best friend, that she now has a kid, with no job. I heard that the dad, lives with them, but I highly doubt that. In the recent pics that I seen, she looks like crap. Honestly, she deserves everything that is coming to her, and more.

Her friend and I are now happily married. We own our home and soon there might be little ones around. Something good came out of that mess.

She messaged me about a couple of months ago, asking how's things going with us. I never responded, and never will.

eastsideswoman eastsideswoman
31-35, F
Jun 16, 2011